It was glorious. And I have my first physical therapy session tomorrow, when I get to start walking again! You have no idea how excited I am.

If I have to be honest, I might actually be more excited about the whole driving part than the walking. Not because I am so much of a car guy and driving is just that much fun or anything, but because not driving was so much more of a limiting factor on what I could do. I could get around my house plenty well with my crutches, but without being able to drive, I didn't have any independence to do anything outside of my house. I had to get rides everywhere I needed to go and/or get people to run errands for me, which really made me feel useless and like a burden.

Oh, and my Wildcats are still #1 in the country, which has really helped keep me in good spirits through this whole ordeal. I sure did pick a good time to buy season tickets!