Went to a dealership to test drive a FiST. On my way there the Miata showed 0psi oil pressure for a few seconds so that was neat. Hopefully just a sender. Anyways. Drove a FiST since I happen to need reliable modern practical transportation that isn’t an utter penalty box, despite a chorus of people telling me that a base Fiesta or a Honda Fit but I want a car I can keep for 6 years without being saddled with a total penalty-box.



It did not disappoint.

Things I liked:

  • Speakers were adequate.
  • Exhaust was nice, slightly throatier than the Miata but the same volume
  • Power delivery was fun
  • Seats were okay
  • Surprising amount of room in the back seat and the hatch
  • False floor in the hatch was nifty
  • Shifter was surprisingly good
  • Wind noise on the highway was minimal
  • Automatic HVAC is the best invention ever.

Things I didn’t like:

  • Drive by wire is dumb and I hate it how the hell do you heel toe one of these?
  • Holy MOTHER of A-pillars
  • Needs more turbo noises

But yeah. 10/10 would own.