Quick thoughts

850r was stock, relatively low miles, and in good shape. My 850 has a huge list of mods (I really need to find that list, I can't remember half the things), high miles and... Well... Nothing has broken in the past 8 days! 

The 850r felt noticeably slower, and a bit smoother.

The 850r had an automatic, which wasn’t very great.

The 850r had functioning traction control, so I could go full WOT in 1st and 2nd with zero tire spin.


The 850r had way less creaks and rattles than my 850 with an 850r interior.

The 850r was a MUCH better color (Safron).

The 850r had MUCH better wheels (the ones that look like Pegs, but aren’t Pegs. In dark grey)


The 850r and 850 seemed to have a comparable level of body roll, which is to say almost none.

The 850r had a broken rheostat just like my 850!

All in all, I liked my 850 more. Mostly because of the manual, but the more *hectic* boost feel is pretty neat too.


Still really need to drive a first gen V70r. Look at that beauty....


Oh and I saw a pretty neat Gt-r today. They’re as common as Telsas around here, but this one was modified quite a bit. Made some nice sounds, which isn’t what I expect from Nissan’s halo car.