A family relative just traded his XJ for one, and it just so happened to be a First Edition Model.

I was really unimpressed. Yes, it’s nice to look at, but there were a few things that were major letdowns.


1. Material Quality - Yes, it has some good touches (alcantara headliner, quality leather, etc), but this this has a lot of hard plastics. The door panels and dashboard had several areas of incredibly hard plastics - stuff you’d find in a car around $20,000.

2. Power - It didn’t feel that fast. Yes, reviews point at a 0-60 in the mid 5's, but I don’t believe that. It felt super heavy off the line, then power kicks in at around 50mph.

Otherwise, I liked it. With that being said, interior quality would be a non-negotiable for me at a $70,000 price point.