Drove my buddies vintage AMG..after the engine swap

A while ago, my friend bought this C43 with close to 300K on the odometer. He dailied it for a bit before the transmission crapped out. Knowing this was an eventuality, he had a contemporary E55 engine and drivetrain ready to go. He had just finished it when i got to his house, so i offered to wash it in exchange for a chance to drive the beast.

It drove really well and was much faster than my 350Z. The handling was surprisingly good, despite there not being much steering feedback. Unfortunately, the C43 did not come with a limited slip differential, which kind of sucks, but it actually didn’t do much peglegging. It mostly just grips up and scoots. I’ve driven E55's from this era and they’re much more prone to rolling burnouts. I think we can blame the lighter C class platform for the car’s increased ability to just grip and go.


He had to change the badge afterwards. He sent me this after i got home.

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