Cop car flipped on the freeway about an hour before I passed. Five minute delay on my side due to rubberneckers, massive tailback on the other side due to two of the three lanes being closed by the investigation team - cop cars for Africa, oddly enough,

Apparently it was a single-car accident while he was en route to an incident. Presumably that means he was going pretty darn quick, but even so, winding up upside down on the wrong side of the Armco is an impressive achievement on a straight flat stretch of freeway. Also pretty impressive that he managed to slide/roll down a couple of hundred yards of freeway at rush hour without collecting anyone else.


It’ll be interesting to see the outcome of the investigation, assuming it gets publicised. I’m picking equipment failure of some sort - it’s hard to flip a modern car without something proactively tripping it over, given the apparent lack of things to bounce off.

Driver is said to have sustained only minor injuries, which is a testament to Holden’s (ex) engineering team.

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