I went to the Milwaukee auto show yesterday and got a chance to drive a Range Rover Sport and a Jaguar XF Sportbrake.

The test drive line was non-existent so we basically got to hop right in. I drove the Range Rover first and boy does that thing move when you hit it and it sounds great too. Sooo many electronic aids and gizmos on it, I feel like it would take months to actually learn everything you can do without referring to the manual every time.

Next up was the XF Sportbrake which is just a great looking car. It was comfortable and handled really well. I may have taken a roundabout a bit faster than advised but it was worth it. I would describe the power as perfectly adequate, definitely not punch you in the gut like the Rover. Nor did the engine sound as nice as the Rover’s V8, but that’s understandable. But why, why, why does the Sportbrake start at $23k more than the XF sedan!? That’s insane!

Here’s a pic of the XF, I unfortunately didn’t get a pic of the Range Rover.