Drove the last edition of the Mitsubishi Lancer, & it made me sad. I get all this for 19k?

Can’t lie- when I read the press car for the week was to be a 19k Mitsubishi, well I knew it wasn’t the Evo, and at first I was a little bummed.

Mitsubishi Lancer I thought, that is a great car, but isn’t it going away? Well it is sadly, this is the last year. That also means the Evo is going away which makes me really sad to think about. :( So I went to the beach to cheer myself up.

Got to take what I think of as a solid rally cars out onto some sand. Even with justFWD, it was still fun.

Ok, so onto the car I actually drove, it was the Limited Edition. It had a starting price of 19k and came with lots of kit. So how did it drive? Actually not too bad.

The electric steering was by far the weakest link. Next came the CVT which didn’t have a sports mode. :( Lame.

The little engine was competent & pretty fuel efficient. Also, it actually had a nice tone, as you’ll hear below. The suspension was decently tuned and the car was pretty comfortable and had ALOT of technology for a car of this price. CarPlay/Android Auto, MoonRoof, Bluetooth, upgraded rims, sporty interior- this Limited Edition is the REAL DEAL. With cars pushing over 30k now, this shows a good car can be build for under 20k!

If you can find one and your budget is under 20k, prob closer to 15-18k w/ incentives this may be the car for you! Check out the video for more thoughts.


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