Autocrossed it, settled stoplight grudges, took a girl on a date in it, and used it to haul yardwork equipment around. Try THAT with a CUV. I burned $150 of 94 octane in one day and it was 100% worth it.

Autocross was a blast in it. I outran a 1967 Mustang with a 289 and not much else! My co-worker beat me by about 1 second on a 1 minute course in his bone-stock NA Miata. But the Corvette sounded like Mad Max armageddon on course and was like wrestling a bear with manual steering.

I also made a quick beer run with a friend. The trunk was full of T-tops at the time so the brews got to ride shotgun.


Then I drove it right home, took a shower and took a girl for a date in it. She found the car charming and me as well. Just drove around the city with her for 2 hrs.

The Corvette seems to take anything I throw at it without flinching. Never overheats, never asks for anything beyond (a lot of) fuel, and some oil. After 2 years I feel like I FINALLY have the kinks on this thing sorted out and can start using it like a real car.