1987 Cadillac Allanté. 62k miles, phenomenal shape, $5975. Very gold. My thoughts on it are as follows:

-Brake and gas pedal are both very stiff and allow little travel.

-Steering has far less play than you’d expect from a 1987 Cadillac, which is still a ton.


-Every last button, display, and gadget on the digital future dash worked, and it was cool as shit.

-V8 made a great noise, but did little to actually move the car.

-It drove better than I expected, but everything from the brakes to the gas to the steering to the shifter put up a fight.


At $56,000, or $113,000 in today’s money, this car really should’ve been RWD and/or had some back seats.

- This car is very cool. I’d never buy one, but I would take it over a period SL or XJS. It’s an incredibly cool car, and that really trumps most of the complaints I had.

Feel free to ask me any questions.