First was that E550 I posted about a few days ago. It was exceptionally smooth, powerful, comfortable, and generally Mercedes-like. I enjoyed the interior quite a bit more than it seems much of you did.

Next was a 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged. The pros were that it has a 420hp supercharged V8 making a good deal of speed and lots of noise, and had an interior that looked excellent. At under $19,000 and with just over 52,000 miles, it was also the bargain of the group. Unfortunately, it felt like it. I wanted to love this car, and I kind of still do, but it felt cheaply put-together. I cannot believe Jeremy Clarkson could criticize the materials and build quality of American cars while Britain was charging $62,000 for the plastics in this car. I guess when it’s on a British car it’s “charming”. Oh well.

Then there was the real shocker. At just under $23,000 and with 37,000 on the odometer, this 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec was by far and away the best buy of the group, in my opinion. Its 429hp 5.0 Tau naturally aspirated V8 put down numbers comparable to the blower Jag in terms of performance. It looks like a Honda Accord, which is a plus, as my dad calls on a lot of small town companies where a Mercedes or Jaguar might be just a little too showy. The interior wasn’t as pretty as that in the E-Class, but it was still a comfortable car to be in and the insides felt well put together, much more so than in the Jaguar. I dislike the fact that it’s only available in black, but it also only comes equipped one way, and that’s with pretty much all the goodies we want. Oh, and there’s still three years/20k miles left on the bumper to bumper warranty and 7 years/62k miles left on the power warranty. It would seem now that our toughest choice is going to be between this and an Equus.