...and proceeded to spend $83.70 on voodoo doughnuts for friends and family. the GLI performed admirably on the trip. i always forget how good it is at pounding down the miles with no issues. To top off the comfort of the car, i do have to mention that it got pretty incredible gas mileage on the trip there!

Yes, my tuned, lowered, not-on-low-rolling resistance tires car got an average 36 MPG on the highway, crusing at speeds between 65 and 80 MPH. i filled up when i got down to portland, and the gauge was actually very accurate. it was off by .3 though, as according to my math, i got 36.6 mpg over the 140-ish mile drive!

another example of the awesome mileage (taken by my co-driver) can be seen here, as i was getting better-than-EPA numbers with the cruise set at 80 MPH
...love this car so much sometimes!