Recently I found a bag of cocaine in my Chrysler. Today I called in a professional drug detection dog to see if she can find any more illicit narcotics!

Pita the drug detection dog, and my coked out Chrysler.

Ever since I found a small baggie of cocaine in the ashtray of my 1987 Chrysler Fifth Avenue, I’ve been worried there are more hidden drugs that I don’t know about. Is there more cocaine stashed under the carpet, or in the trunk that I haven’t been able to get open yet?


I’d like to drive my Chrysler around without concern, and be absolutely sure there are no more illicit substances anywhere inside. And as it turns out, you do not need to call in the police to do this type of work—there are private drug detection organizations that will search schools, companies, teenagers’ bedrooms, and vehicles.

I’ve called in the services of Amy Doerner and her professional drug detection dog Pita, to see if they can find any more drugs. Below is a video of the experience. This was an immensely fun video to shoot—incredible to see this talented and well-trained drug detection dog at work.

Anyone ever have their car searched by the police, or a narcotics detection dog?

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