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My oncologist wants to transition me from injected blood thinners to a tablet- form equivalent. I don’t have a problem with this as I’m getting rather tired of stabbing myself several times a day. But even though the pharmacy has the prescription they can’t fill it because the insurance carrier wants prior authorisation from the same doctor that prescribed the medication.


Apparently there is no generic equivalent for Xarelto, the drug they want to put me on. If there’s something else that is as effective and has a generic I wouldn’t care if they put me on that instead, but now I have to wait for the bureaucracy to do its thing and see what I’m going to get and what it’s going to cost. It shouldn't be over $25, but since I'm not working and my FSA is drained, I need to save every penny.

I’ve only had one negative side effect from a generic and it drove me absolutely batty. It was for a medication to control my epilepsy. Ringing sounds, like a phone or doorbell, would be perceived as being a few cents off; not a whole note off, just a fraction of a note. Apparently it was a known side effect and only affected about one tenth of one percent of the people that took the medication, usually those with perfect pitch. Being in an office with ringing sounds day in and day out I couldn’t handle the constant disagreement between what my brain said was normal and what I was hearing and asked to be placed back on the name brand drug even though it cost me considerably more per month.

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