I don’t know how, but I fell down the rabbit hole listening to drums and drumlines.

I always do when I’ve had a few drinks.

I think I’ve found my favourite.

Royal Marine Corps of Drums & the Top Secret Drum Corps (Switzerland).

Such a thing of beauty and cooperation.

Though I’d have to argue how top secret they are when they make such loud noises and appear on TV as well as in public.


I love me country that can host the Last Night at the Proms. With attendees from all around the world, it’s spawned from a celebration of classical music and British-ness in the Royal Albert Hall to being hosted live in parks in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and in Hyde Park, London.

Also changing of the guard at Windsor Castle with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

it’s not just British forces that guard Royal palaces but those of other Commonwealth Nations take turns. On this occasion it was the RCAF providing the music.

God Save Our Queen and Heaven Bless, The Maple Leaf Forever.

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