Drunk Reviews: Rental VW Beetle Turbo

First let me say I wasn’t drunk when I was driving. I’m only drunk while I’m writing this review.


  • Looks good, at least in metallic greenish blue
  • Whatever the hell displacement TSI it has is one sweetheart of an engine
  • Automatic transmission isn’t too bad


  • The trunk doesn’t open. I press the trunk button on the key fob, the taillights flash, the trunk remains resolutely unopenable
  • It tells you to do things without explaining how to do them. I get to the Publix up the street and stop off for some tequila and jelly beans. I get out of the car and it starts beeping and the dash says “Turn off light!” What light? The dome/map lights aren’t on. The headlights don’t seem to be on. What God damned light?
  • Interior is full of cheap ass plastic - this thing makes the Mazda 3 I just bought feel like a God damned Bentley

Overall it’s not bad. As far as a compact rental goes I could have done much, much worse. The little ?.? TSI combined with a fairly aggressive automatic is a hoot. If it had a trunk that opened and an interior made with something other than late 80's vintage GM shit plastic it would be a pretty damn good car.

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