So it seems like at least a decent people would enjoy a little mini-series of drunk science pieces so I’m going to take an open vote on which topic I should start the series with. Insert your votes below!

The Topics:

Quantum Mechanics

In the early 20th century the great Albert Einstein came up with the ideas of the Photoelectric Effect, and Special (later General) Relativity. Einstein would later win a nobel prize for his paper on the photoelectric effect which would help to catapult us into the current age of technology.


What the hell actually makes these magical techno-boxes we call computers, phones, and/or device-tablet-monster-machines (thanks grandma) work? What is it that lets these 1’s and 0’s create this world of technology around us? What forms the basis for the languages that these devices use to communicate? Is it magic?



Don’t pretend like you don’t want a drunk person delving into the science behind the art form of creating some of the greatest and/or cheapest drunkifying substances known to man. Even that one guy you watched get kicked out of the bar last night for literally howling like a monkey and humping the door to the ladies bathroom would enjoy this one... If only he could read.


Internal Combustion

It would only be fitting to properly analyze the science behind the very passion that drove all of us to stay up until 4am on Sunday nights waiting for some guy in Europe to upload the latest edition of a show featuring three slightly past middle-aged guys driving around in heaps of metal for the sake of comedy, would it not? Besides, wtf is horsepower anyways?


Material Sciences

What makes carbon fiber lighter and stronger (but more brittle) than steel? What makes aluminum behave so strangely? What the hell is the difference between regular and high strength steel? What the fuck is Magnesium anyways?


Feel free to add in your own suggestions if you have other things you would enjoy to read about! I’ll keep a vote counter below.

Quantum Mechanics: 0

Computers: 0

Beer: 3

Internal Combustion: 0

Material Sciences: 0

Shpuker is a senior in college at a liberal arts school studying mechanical engineering yet pursuing a career in systems/simulation engineering because fuck your logic and has a strange passion for obscure science, alcohol, ridiculous cars, and puppies. Mostly puppies with a dash of science on the side really.