Always messing with DSMs around here, my buddy Casey has his 99 GSX that we yanked the motor out of a few weekends ago. At that time we brushed on rust proof paint, which will prevent the very real shock tower rust issues that 2G cars suffer from.

The problem was, when it dried, it looked kind of janky at best. So, he came over and stayed this weekend. I took vacation for this week and decided to throw back some cold ones, or 12. Then I did what any smart drunk person would do, decided to start painting.

Now, I’m not the world’s best painter. I get the job done, but always end up with runs and stuff. It was 51 degrees in the garage, not ideal temps to paint. However, we were wasted and wanted it done. So I grabbed some scotch brite, and started sanding. After scuffing up the surface, we cleaned the heck out of it using windex, which is an old school degreaser prep trick.

Then, we used legit paint prep spray, used my heat gun to help dry it up and get the temp of the metal where the paint would bond. We kept about 15 minutes between coats and I ended up doing about 5 coats total, and allowed it to dry overnight. I wish I’d have taken pics before clear coat but didn’t.

The next day, we waited until about 7pm to start again. I ended up clear coating it, the garage was nice and warm. Somehow, I managed to get zero runs. It actually turned out 8/10 I’d say. Not bad for rattle can.


I even took time to mask things off
This was bad before


There’s still some imperfections from bubbling in the brush on paint. Had you seen it before you’d be surprised how much I was able to correct it.

We had to swap the oil pan, trans pan and alternator to the new motor from the old one. Swapped the cam angle sensor, coil, and had to remove every pulley to mount the lower timing cover. It was a chore, because stopping the pulleys from spinning was nearly impossible.


The motor that came out of the 99. Excessive oil consumption after 220k miles of service put this motor out of service.

The valve cover was literally completely encased in grease and oil build up. I hosed it down with citrus degreaser and scrubbed it for roughly an hour. We decided we were gonna paint it. This is where things take a very hilarious turn.


He wanted wrinkle black, but we didn’t have any on hand. It was now 48 degrees in the garage again. I’d scotch brite sanded the valve cover, and used a heat gun to heat it up to paint. I did three coats of high temp primer to allow good adhesion of the paint and to cover up imperfections. After the primer dried, we went on to use high temp black.

Unknown to me, if you keep direct heat on high temp paint when it’s wet, it causes it to wrinkle. Now we were both pretty wasted by this point, and my buddy Nathan shows up home from working a second part time job. I’ve got the heat gun full blast curing the paint for a next coat. The conversation went roughly like this.


Me to Nathan - “how’s it looking man, I think it’s turning out good”

Nathan to me laughing “are you trying to wrinkle that paint, because that’s how you wrinkle paint”


Nathan did body work professionally for quite some time, and Casey and I look at each other. He was right, it wrinkled like it was supposed to be wrinkle paint. We kept up doing what we accidentally did, and laid down two more coats, and didn’t clear coat it. Casey was absolutely enamored with the results. I have to say, I was glad he wanted wrinkle because I couldn’t have pulled that off twice in a lifetime, let alone while being heavily intoxicated.

Sorry for the picture orientation, I took this when I was smashed. Just sat it on the motor we’re using for a picture. I even ended up sanding the old school Billet plug cover.


He ended up using nail polish to paint the letters, he wanted some contrast, and he’s color blind so it was interesting helping him pick out the color. Here’s how it turned out.

I’m rather proud of the end product.


All in all, the engine is ready to go back into the car next weekend and it should be driving. Excellent progress among two drunken idiots aye?

Motor that came out of the rusty 97. Nathan rebuilt this last year, it’s got 2 miles on it. Don’t mind the valve cover it’s hideous and just what came on it. This is the motor going back into the 99.


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