DSC just saved me

I just merged onto the freeway, got up to speed, looked over to change lanes and looked back to see the cars in front of me SLAMMING on their brakes HARD.

I didn’t even have enough time to try and hit the brakes, I threw the steering wheel left hard, knowing the car would understeer right into the car in front of me, to my surprise, and what I suspect, the car understeered for a fraction of a second and then hopped over.


I’m guessing the DSC, Dynamic Stability Control which is supposed to sense steering input, sensed the sudden turn and grabbed the rear left brake even though I was on the throttle and threw me hard left. I corrected with a hard turn right and the rear end started to kick out and once again I think it came in and caught it.

Car is 14 years old, but very well equipped. I’m real thankful for that today. As I drove past I saw a dark blue police cruiser sitting under a freeway over pass in the shadows. People probably couldn’t make out what it was till they got close and got spooked and slammed their brakes. There also was an accident on the left involving quite a few cars which brought that lane to a stand still. I managed to fish tail into the only open lane and squeak through without hitting anyone.

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