My GTI has 40k miles. I decided to go to the dealer for my oil change since my usual place has changed owners and I’m not impressed by how it’s running now. Bonus at the dealer: I need my DSG transmission service!

It is not cheap, $300 for the fluid change and inspections of the gears and control module. But I’m all for preventative maintenance, especially how I drive it.

I vaguely remember when I bought it that I realized that the service is more often but less costly than for a torque converter automatic, and over 100k miles the DSG was only about $100 more costly.


Now the first bill is due.

Not my car pictured, photo by me

[Edit: By contrast, they wanted $40 to rotate my tires. Hard no. I’ll do it in a month and a half when my first autocross happens. Also $53 to change the cabin filter, a $30 (activated charcoal) part and 5 minutes work. Also, no.]

[Edit 2: LOL, got the filter part number, and ECS sells a matching replacement charcoal lined cabin air filter for $16.]

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