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Dual-articulation Wiper Arms

I dig the brutally, unapologetically industrial look of my car’s windshield wipers. In addition to having exposed washer hoses attached to the arms, the driver’s side wiper has two pivoting points enabled by two parallel arms of slightly different length.

As most of us know, the extra articulation enables a simple wiper, which would otherwise sweep in a perfectly circular motion, to cover more of the windshield, especially the side on which the driver sits:

Yes, I posed the wipers just to take photos.
The articulation at the blade-arm mounting point actually has much more pivot sweep than the car will actually use in its wiping motion......
.......as apparent by lifting the arm into the service position.

Far from the most amazing wiper design (that award probably goes to the Lamborghini Countach and Diablo’s not-really-one-wiper-but-not-really-two-either), the F355's wipers still offer a brutally stark contrast to the bodywork which is styled for the sake of style, down to the ridiculous hidden door handles.

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