This is the only duck that really fits oppo... It also brings back memories.


  • As a passenger on one of these in the Charles River, I got to take the helm. The passengers included all but one member of the Wikimedia board, a number of en.wp bureaucrats, and the founder of Wikipedia.
  • These things turn really tight in one direction and barely turn in the other when in the water. It’s actually really hard to keep straight as a result.
  • This vehicle has, I believe, the worst lbs/hp of any vehicle I have operated, at somewhere around 142lbs/hp. It is also very noisy. More noisy than it should be for the little bit of power it puts out.
  • This is the third-largest vehicle I have driven, after a diesel locomotive and an enormous 3+ story piece of heavy mining equipment (ssh! I don’t have a license for either...).
  • This is the oldest vehicle I have ever operated, by a small margin over the diesel locomotive.


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