Dude Getting Rid Of Collection Of Weird Worthless Beaters

A couple of Fridays ago, I found a cheap old ‘88 Fiero Formula (the one you want). Anywho, as I continue looking through the cheap car craigslist ads because that’s what I do, I keep seeing other weird neglected listings pop up. After a few, I realized that they were all from the same dude, and it looks like he’s downsizing or liquidating his collection. It doesn’t look like this guy ever really tried to get his projects going, but he has tons of parts it seems. Any South Florida Oppos looking to save some weird old beaters? I can help loading them or whatever. The guy has some cool stuff. He has an old Yugo, an Opel GT, and an MGB sitting there amongst a bunch of other shells that he might be willing to part with.


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