I'm staying home, and will call my prospective employers tomorrow, since the news of the shooting likely has their attention now.

These shootings don't make me fear the offensive party, they otherwise, anger me, annoy me, filling me with rage. if fear is what they're looking for, they are not getting it from me. I cannot live my life the way I want, all against my will, just because a minority decided it's a good idea to gun down a soldier, and attack the HQ of such a polite and prosperous country, which is now under lockdown. I am aware this happened downtown, but there is always a possibility that they could be anywhere, maybe even camping on my front lawn.

I am a Brazilian by blood, but I am Canadian-born. I stand for what is right, I have friends who are willing to protect their country, their people, and I support them all the way. I may not be a patriot by definition, but I wish these assholes are brought to justice as soon as possible.

For this post, I'll post a patriotic Mazda MPV I found on the interwebs.