Hello, people of Oppo, help me ponder this question; would you get a Kia or a VW?

The Kia in question: The K3 Cerato C’eed Forte HB GT... or so called here.


This Kia comes with a 201hp 1.6 Turbo engine, and a six speed manual transmission, all for 23,600 dollars. Interestingly, on the range-topping model, the GT, gets independent rear suspension... the rest get a torsion bar.

Inspiration animal according to Kia: A Tiger.

ALTERNATIVELY, you could get a homegrown bruiser, the most famous of Mexican cars... the Volkswagen Jetta GLI!


The Jetta is not sold with a manual transmission, but it makes up for it with a 29HP bump over the Kia... Shamefully it does not come in Orange Delight as the Kia does.

The other issue is that the Jetta is 3,000 dollars more expensive. Are 29hp worth the extra expense?


It must be said that the Jetta is a much larger car, the trunk is 25% larger, and it’s 20cm longer than the Kia...but the thing is... Kia loves making heavy-ass cars...which leaves us with the Forte being 70kg* heavier than the Jetta!

Maybe if the price could be ignored, this could be a daily driver head to head!

*: This is according to Kia Mexico’s brochure, Wikipedia’s article on the Forte (the german one interestingly) claims the weight to be 1322KG, as opposed to Kia Mexico’s claimed 1555KG

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