Illustration for article titled Dumb driver + dumb driveway.

Red line represents a GMC Acadia which had the right of way. Blue line represents a Kia Sedona which wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. Sedona failed to look, I saw what was going down, I honked, both drivers kept going, boom. 100% fault to the Kia in my book.



I do want to point out how horrible the design is of the entrance to the restaurant. If you’re coming from Rockbridge, you’re all set. But Jimmy Carter? You have no choice but to turn from the center lane. They really need to add those white poles between the lanes and make it so you can only access the place from Rockbridge. I’ve seen countless close calls, and as of today, one accident.


Oh, by the way, guess who still needs to set up their dashcam?

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