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Dumb Rental Car Insurance Question

Here’s a stupid question. Do you get the extra insurance when you rent a car? The CDW or whatever it’s called, it hovers around $10/day. I’m renting a basic car in Florida for 5-6 days in April, it’s like $250 and then the eternal question is, insurance or no? I’ve always thought my regular insurance policy covered me in a rental.

The only time I’ve agreed to the extra insurance is renting abroad. Laws are different, my car insurance might mean nothing, I figure it’s relatively cheap for the peace of mind and potential saved hassle in another country. But Florida? What’s the worst that could happen, lol. A drunken Florida man t-bones me while riding a motorcycle with an alligator under one arm and a bottle of Jim Beam between his legs, a joint in his other hand while naked and high on meth going 60 in a 25 school zone?


Ok maybe I should pony up the extra $50 since I just spend over $2,000 on plane tickets.

But what does Oppo think!?

Toyota Camry “or similar” for your time:

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