Chapter 1: The part where somehow the transmission linkage was fucked up
In a hole in the side of the engine lived a bushing sleeve. Not a greasy, nylon-bushed hole, filled with the ends of a clutch Z-bar, nor yet a dry, bare hole with parts available on RockAuto: it was a Cruise-O-Matic transfer linkage hole, which means comfort.


I don’t know why none of these pieces exist that I can find to buy. You’d think a bushing would be natural on a parts list, but nooooo. Pic stolen from Ford Muscle Forums -near end is the escapee end.

Or it would if the end of the transfer bar hadn’t apparently disintegrated whatever retaining ring and/or who knows what the fuck that was supposed to be on the side of the engine, and was floating free in a 1/8" too big hole in a steel sleeve that was too short and popping out EVERYTIME SHIFTING AND NOT FUCKING SHIFTING RWARGARBL. Ahem. Anyway I brazed a brass tube onto the old piece and added a grease zerk. Cool story, right?