Last night during dinner, a loud bang and a shockwave hit the the house and Mrs McMike dropped her fork and yelled, "The fuck was that???"

I went out of the deck to take a look. I came back inside to grab shoes, reply with "Woods are on fire," and run out the door.

When I got there, I found two trucks. One was a very stock looking Tacoma/Tundra Ford that had it's front end buried in a rut.

The other one, well.. wasn't that easy to identify at first. When I got closer, I realized that it wasn't his 4wheeling buddy.

It was a tow truck.


These are not off road trails, this is a power line right-of-way strip cuts through a county park area. No motorized vehicles allowed.

They are also pretty steep in places, and is pretty pocked with ruts. I'm impressed that the tow truck thought he could make it out of there.

We all know cars catch on fire. It could have been anything. Fuel (or other fluid) line, dry grass underneath caught on fire, whatever.. What I'm curious about is what was on that thing that shook my back window 200 yards away. I'm not that familiar with what could be that explosive on a tow truck. Air tank? LPG conversion? C4?


We live in the single-family homes the left side of the photo, the X is their entry point (and only access point for this trail), and the truck and fire represent truck and fire.

Entry point.


Thanks, dumbass. Not only did you ruin my dinner, but you also cost someone a tow truck. I'm sure that driver had better things to do than watch his truck burn, explain to his boss that the truck burned, and wait for a another truck to come and tow his burnt truck.


I was tempted to call the number on the side of the truck to tell them they're going to need a bigger truck, but I couldn't read the area code (which is required here in the DC area)


Update - I believe we found what made the boom.