So I’m driving along in a line of cars banked up behind a cop car. It’s a dual lane road but no body is going past the cops. I notice one of cars behind the cop has one brake light working out of three and think to myself ‘good thing he’s behind the cops’. This car is also displaying a ‘P’ plate which in Australia indicates the driver is on a probationary license, also is a red flag to cops who will just pull you over for fun but usually because you’ve been a dick.

So just as I’m thinking he’s smart for sitting behind the cops the young genius decides that he’s sick of cruising along, pulls out and goes around them. He changed lanes pretty aggressively and accelerates just past to cops before touching the brakes! Not just once either, he seemed to feather them on and off, making his one brake light flash rapidly! So of course he gets pulled over. Don’t know why he did that but it was entertaining. Had a friend years ago that would do stupid shit like this then say that the cops are harassing him!