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Dumber Than a Sack of Bricks?

Phone call just now from a shop that we deal with a lot, but has been having issues with new office girls:

Me: “Rancho [rest of dealership name] part’s this is [CaptDale - is secretly British] how can I help you?”


Customer: “Yes I am [name] calling from [local shop] we are restoring a 1969 Ford Ranchero and we are seeing what kind of parts you could get for that.”

Me: “Well I can’t get anything for that”

Cust: “For a Ranchero? I looked online and your name came up”

Me: “Yes, that is a Ford product. We are a GM, Subaru, and Hyundai dealer. You’ll need Ford if they can still get parts for a vehicle of that vintage.”

Cust: “Oh well you had the same name, so I thought you could get parts.”

Me: “..... (dumbfounded) No sorry, have a nice day”

People... WTF?! This person thought the dealership name of Rancho meant I would have Ford Ranchero parts....


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