Engine = ordered. I was going to go with a Ninja 500 engine but the end result would have been a torqueless wonder of a cruiser and would have taken $100 in carb tuning parts to make it run right. It’s my daily, I need it to Just Work (tm). Now I need to strap on the go-pro and make a Fast Not Loud episode out of pulling the stupid broken engine outside my apartment without getting evicted.

Here’s the annoying part.


This is the frame from my Honda CX500 I had (well, one similar). Head is on the left. The engine dangles below the frame and I was able to remove it with one person helping in 15 minutes.

This is the frame of a Vulcan 500. Head is on the right. Damn thing is trapped in there and the removal of *everything* from the area will be necessary to free it. Not looking forward to it.

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