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Dunlop Direzza dz102

Anyone have any experience with these? I'm looking to replace the Hankooks on the Audi, as they've suffered some extreme outer shoulder wear due to a tie-rod issue that I was unable to fix due to finances. It's now been fixed and I'm running additional negative camber to help compensate, but once the new shocks and springs are installed, I'll be dialing back the negative camber.

The Dunlops are priced about equal to the Hankooks, but they're a summer tire versus an all-season, which will be new territory for me. I'm looking for good steering response, predictable handling, above-average treadlife, and decent overall grip without breaking the bank. Size is 205/50-15.


Also, seeing as how I'm going to be running summers for three seasons most likely, I want to get a set of dedicated winter tires, but I need to find wheels. Where does one go about finding 4x100 steel wheels to buy? We only get snow and ice for a week or two out of the year, so I don't need them to be pretty- just cheap and sturdy, haha.

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