Dunn Tire can go fudge them selves.

I’m done with Dunn. I had a 8am appointment, showed up at 750. They open at 8 mind you. There where three walk-ins waiting already. they open and the dunn associates proceed to process and work on all three walk-ins ahead of me. They did’nt even take my car in till 840 and didn’t finish till after 930. I was in to put two new tires on the Fiancees Mali-booooooo because she popped a tire on sunday. I work at 9am hence the 8am appointment. I was an hour and a half late because of this. I’m done, if your going to prioritize walk-ins why the fuck do you take appointments?? I made that because i had the time to do it then, not because I had all day free!!! grrr...

Here’s a zenvo ST1 looking as angry as I feel right now for your time.


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