Hey all, I'm dusting off the old resume again, I have to submit it before 9pm tonight for a potential job offer (which could potentially be a complete life changer).

My resume is 4 pages long. It's a non-traditional format because of my work experience and my specific expertise. This isn't going to change.

I have 4 jobs listed on it. Do I remove any? All of them are relevant to the job, but I can't help but think that the thing is a bit of a book. Any thoughts?


I'm looking more for people who are older in the professional world for their insight on this. I've had my resume looked at when I was still in school (little has changed) during "resumania" events, and it was hugely successful. I'm not doubting myself, just wondering if there's a better approach. I've submitted it before and gotten zero feedback from a couple companies about it, though they were not in my line of work (attempting to change career paths, unsuccessfully), so that is possibly messing with my head a little bit.

Thoughts? I'm also going to have a good friend of mine (works in the corporate world) take a peek tonight and I'll see what his thoughts are....



Surprised car for your time.