In Oshkosh, WI all week for Airventure. I thought I was ready for the scale of this place, but I wasn’t even close. I went to Voldemart last night and bought a bicycle just so I could efficiently traverse the campground here. It’s that big.

We were listening to the tower radio yesterday and it was hour after hour of constant arrivals. They probably averaged about five landings per minute, and at times there were six or more planes landing on the three runways at the same time. Tower would have one plane land on the approach end, another land midfield, and yet another on far end. It was incredible.


Arrivals and departures have mostly tapered off today. There’s a fleet of bubble-canopy Bell 47 helicopters circling constantly, giving attendees rides, and an old Ford Tri-motor that goes up every few hours to do same. There’s also an air show, but it feels a bit more relaxed than your typical military shows. It’s a great environment.

My brother meanwhile has been in builder forums since 8 this morning. Not sure he's even seen a flying aircraft yet today