When Mark Stroop checked up on his Opel Cascada and a VW Golf convertible that were due in the next day, he saw them quickly disappearing in the direction of the Middle East...

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Since he couldn’t afford to lose the Euro equivalent of a topless Buick Verano and the equally hedonistic VW, he did what everyone would do: go into a war zone to get his cars back.


With the aid of a father of one of the prospective jihadis, and a kalashnikov on the back seat, he did indeed manage to get his cars back. But not before having to deal with the local chief of police, who happened to be a cousin of one of the thieves. He, erm, ‘persuaded’ Mark not to press charges and land the lad in jail, but not before Mark got some compensation for his costs.

The whole saga is now going to be turned into a movie, due in 2017. In Dutch, though, so you might have to read.

I’m just wondering, though, why –of all cars– jihadis would pick the most sinfully, lasciviously fabulous they could find.

(Photo credit: Opel)

Source: autoweek

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