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Dying Tucker Update 1: Light Investigation.

Not a smart engine.
Not a smart engine.

Did some preliminary checks. My coolant is a bit lower than it was yesterday (I measured engine “cold” both times), and to address the concerns of another Oppo, I put it up on my ramps to see where the oil went when the filter made the exit. There is oil on my towing hitch, oil pan, and exhaust. The plugs and their wires are dry. Of course, I’ll have to open them up to see if any of them got fouled, then a compression test...


The trip to work this morning went off without a hitch. If it weren’t for a little bit of shaking on acceleration and my UltraGauge getting the p0303 error (sometimes the UG will warn you many times for the same error, even after you’ve cleared it, so that’s not really anything to note), I’d say the cat is almost “normal”.

I have one more note to add, the shakes (and the UG warning me of the p0303 code) don’t start happening until the cat reaches running temps.

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