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Dying Tucker Update: And well...crap...

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Alright guys, my morning project is finished...and uh...I don’t have good news.

Firstly. There are A LOT of drops of oil on the ground...Peering under the engine, they’re coming from the block or from the oil pan, not from my newly installed filter and not from the drain. The tranny is also leaking, just cuz, I guess.


Oil and coolant appear to be clean, so a big whew so far. Now to dig into the coils/plugs!

Cylinder 1 (Right side): The coil housing is covered in brown dust that smells like old oil. The coil itself is sparkling clean, though. The plug is well, covered in oil. The spark area is dry, but the rest of it is dripping wet with oil. The spark plug well has visibly wet oil inside of it.


Cylinder 2 (Middle): The coil housing is covered in the same amount of brown dust as Cylinder 1's coil housing. It also has a very clean coil. The plug itself also has wet oil on it, however not as much as Cylinder 1. Likewise, the well for Cylinder 2 has some wet oil in it, but not a lot.

Cylinder 3 (Left Side): This was the cleanest of the bunch. The coil housing has what I’d consider a normal amount of dust on it (not a lot) and the coil itself is as sparkly as the other two. The plug itself has dried oil on it, and in lesser amounts than Cylinders 1 and 2. The well for Cylinder 3 actually looks pretty dry.


I went on ahead and replaced those plugs with new ones, we’ll see what happens.

I also saw some damage from the overheating, looks like some of the liner (towards the handbrake handle) of the engine bay burned off.

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