Alrighty, so the weekend is over and I’m finally back home from camping. I allegedly have 4 days left at this employer...Rumour has it that they might hold us on for longer...but it’s all hush hush, so I have no freaking idea. If I had to rate my current employer’s transparency on a scale of 0-10, it’s a clear -1. Everything is a secret, all the time. That said, I do have a new opportunity lined up, so maybe my life won’t completely fall apart...again.

Anyway, the car was sitting for four days, so I’ll definitely know for sure now if there is an ongoing leak and how bad said leak is. I’m driving the Expedition EL (that big beast below) today so no reports on engine performance.

I don’t know what to do with the car if it turns out to be dead...If I dump it and get a paid off used car, I still have to make payments on the dead smart. If I trade, I could end up with a new car with the same car payment...but a car payment is still a car payment, down payments and other fees not included.

The most logical solutions in this case are to either try to limit further damage to the engine, and/or start driving the parents’ Envoy...which drives fine save for a lot of non-critical electrical issues.


Funny, literally not even a full two weeks ago I was so happy because I was caught up on my bills and even building a savings, but life really doesn’t like it when I’m happy, obvs.