Performance brakes, shocks and exhaust on a lightly modded FXDB Dyna Street Bob. AKA my idea of a café racer.

Okay, say I’ve got a line on a ridiculously cheap Dyna Street Bob from someone looking to dump off his daily rider. Problem is, he’s put some low shocks on it and it don’t lean for shit. My Road King has a better rake(26 degrees vs 29 for the Bob), better ride height(5.3 in vs 4.7), and a better lean angle(32deg vs 30deg), but also weighs 200 pounds more. I’m thinking about pulling the trigger so can make something sporty without having to strip my RK(I happen to like my bags and screen, tyvm), but I do have some questions!

Say I put some taller shocks on the rear-say, 14 inches, 4.5 inches of travel. I know that’s gonna change my rake(as long as it’s above 22 degrees I’m good with it), but how do I calculate how much? Also, does it affect the trail? Can I brace the fork to keep it from happening? Should I change the front fork fluid to compensate for the weight being rebalanced, or get a new unit?


Also, who makes the best chassis stabilizer? I’ve heard good things about Sputhe, but also that they’re hard to order from(small companies, odd manufacturing cycles, etc), is there a good option that’s more readily available? And if I upgrade my engine to some crazy S&S unit, can I still use the same stabilizers?

In the meantime, here’s some Dyna bobbers, clubbers and racers.

Kraus Racing Dyna
Extreme Pepo Street Bob
Exile Cycles Dyna Tracker
Can you tell one ‘club bike’ from the next? I can’t, but this one is kinda perfect.
The Street Café, my freaking dream bike!
Dyna scramblers are rare, but awesome. I’m thinking about doing that with my Road King, but I’ll need some serious reinforcement... Stay tuned!
Another great Dyna tracker, rough style. I love the docked tail, but that’s a LOT of rake isn’t it?
Full FXR-style fairing on a Dyna bagger? And it’s not blacked out or chromed up? SOLD!
The missing link between bobbers and café racers, just begging for a usable rear suspension
When everybody’s bike is all black, you gotta do something to stand out. Bit on the nose, though!

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