What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

long story short, i blew my 2.0 focus st motor at about 59700 miles. i had been autocrossing it every other weekend for four years, doing tracks days and otherwise driving the shit out of it. i took driver of the year with it last year after upgrading the turbo mid season and this spring it gave up and broke two ring lands one on 1 and one on 4. i had speedperformance in new jersey build me with my old block a stage 1 2.3 stroker which consists of a 2.3 mustang crank with balance shaft gear removed, manley connecting rods and 4032 mahle pistons. they used clevite bearings and installed heavy rate valve springs since power would be available through redline. i was held back by my high pressure fuel pump which couldn’t  keep up with my turbo which is a garret gen 2 2867r. car is amazing now you quite the flat power curve and quite a large power band. full boost at 21psi at 3000-7000 rpms 364whp,362 wtq. car pulls like a freight train...car was dynoed on friday last week. i also rescued leopold yesterday so i have a new kitten!

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