The Right Foot Down R32 Skyline GTR on the dyno at Shue Tuning after installing a Haltech ECU and 1050cc injectors

Josh just installed 1050cc injectors into his R32 GTR to go along with a new Haltech ECU. It’s getting tuned by Matt at Shue Tuning in Ashland, VA. It previously made 400/330 whp at 18 PSI on 93 octane with the HKS FCON tune as it came from Japan, on an AWD Dyno Dynamics dyno.

Quick specs:

  • 2.6 L inline 6 twin-turbo
  • HKS 2530 turbos (good for 340'ish hp each)
  • 3.5" exhaust w/SARD sport catalytic converter
  • Trust intercooler and all hard piping
  • A’pexi intakes
  • Injector Dynamics 1050x fuel injectors
  • Unknown aftermarket fuel pump
  • Haltech Platinum Pro PNP ECU

Any horsepower guesses this time around?

Yes, it’s a different dyno, a Super Flow AutoDyn 30, which the tuner tells me is similar to a Mustang dyno as far as power numbers are concerned.

If you want to follow it, we’re live streaming throughout the next few hours on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.