I put my car on a dyno for the first time ever this weekend. The results were expected and surprising at the same time. My car made 197hp, which is about what I thought. The torque though... 269ftlbs, and look how soon it comes on. No wonder it feels so quick off the line!

Hp was to be expected. After destroying two engines I have the car tuned to be very safe. Lots of fuel, not a lot of timing or boost. I'm not a tuner, and I know with a proper dyno tune I could pick up more HP, this was just for fun. It drives great around town, and like I said it gets up and goes. A stock '14 Focus ST that was there put down almost identical numbers.

Here's a video of one run, taken with a potato from the 80's.


Its a turbocharged 2.3 4 banger: