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E21 Update: Bodywork still sucks

I finally got the lower trunk all closed in, it was un pain dans mon asshole (fringlish). It doesn’t look like much in these broad shots, but it was hours of work cutting, forming and fitting the patches.

Basically I needed to close in the trunk so that I could move the rear valance out further in order to have it match up properly with the euro bumpers. Now I’ll have to figure out what I’m going to do to tie the valance back to the lower trunk section so that it’s rigid. I’ll probably tie it back to the frame rails somehow so that it’ll actually be able to withstand a low speed impact without crumpling everything like tinfoil...

I also attempted brazing the joints where the tail panel meets the rear quarter panel because they were brazed from the factory. I’ve never brazed anything before, but have a general understanding of the process. I know that as with any joining process surface prep is paramount. Unfortunately there’s only so much you can do with limited tools and solvents. With 35yr old steel and a funky shaped joint there’s inevitably going to be some contaminants left over. It was definitely a struggle to get the filler to flow nicely with some contamination present (especially with the nearby paint starting to catch fire lol), but eventually I got enough down on the joints that I was satisfied with the strength of the joint. Props to the guys on the line back in Germany that probably had to braze these joints in a few minutes while making a good looking joint...


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