E28 is official and extreme off-road DOTS

Went to the Harris County Tax Assessor office this morning to transfer title and register the E28. They have a kiosk system that actually makes the process better. You enter what you are there to do on the kiosk, it gives you a ticket with a number, then you wait for your number to be called and go to the assigned window. All in all I walked 5 blocks each way (I walk pretty fast at 6'2" with long legs), went in, waited, paid, got plates and a tag, and was back in my office in 30 minutes.

It helps to have all of your documentation in order before you go...though while I was there literally NO ONE else that I saw come up to a window had done the same.

DOTS - good thing this guy upgraded to the 4x4 squared for this extreme off-roading.


Here is me trying to take artful shots of the E28. Turns out all it does is show off the surfboard of a front bumper.

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