So not much new on the E28 yet, other than learning a few more things.

Interior picture to show the lovely blue seats and carpet. (The interior of EVERY other car in my fleet is boring black.)


First, with the need to “tap” the DME to get it to start, I disconnected the battery and then the DME last night. It seemed to be connected firmly, and looking at the contacts on both side they looked clean as well. So I reconnected it and pressed it firmly back in. I started it two more times after that with no drama and no “tapping” needed.

Second, I was looking up the VIN in a couple of different decoding engines trying to see what I could find out. Interesting results comparing two different decoding engines - one said the vehicle was manual transmission, one said auto. Well, the car sitting in my garage is certainly a manual, though the shift boot is in poor shape...

Turns out it was in fact built as an auto and swapped at some point. I have service record stamps in the BMW booklet through 1996, then records from Terry’s shop (where I also purchased it) beginning 2002, so it must have been swapped somewhere in between.


I never asked for a CarFax, so I don’t know the owner history, but all service records are in Texas (bought originally in Lubbock the serviced in Austin). [Side note: I don’t want to be that guy asking for a carfax, but certainly am curious, so if you can drop me a note in the comments and I’ll post the VIN.]

It would have been nice to know that in advance, though I don’t think it would have changed anything on my end.  I still think I paid a fair price.


Sometime in the next week I’ll get the car up and check out the transmission to see which one it actually has.

This should add an interesting element to this project car adventure, since I’m driving a pretty well sorted vehicle, but it clearly has undergone a transformation.


Wonder what else I will find.

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