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Also, every time I started it today I had to tap the DME. On one hand it is kind of cool to be the Fonz and give something a tap with your fist to make it work. On the other hand, I need to get that connection solid.

Original post:

OK, I promised the whole story at some point, so here it is.

Origin story:


I headed off to vacation Saturday morning, and spent a decent amount of the down time reading up even more on E28's, buying the Bentley manual, and daydreaming.

Heading back from vacation on Saturday, my brother in law (let’s call him Fred) rented a trailer while I was flying home. Landed at Hobby at 3:15pm, straight home, then off to Austin. We drove his 2500 Suburban because the trailer was already hooked up. The guys at Vintage Beemers (Terry Sayther’s shop that focuses on older BMW’s) were opening late on Saturday for me to pick up the car, so we didn’t want to waste any time.


Pretty uneventful drive to Austin, we made it in close to 2 1/2 hours, which is solid time pulling a trailer.

The guys at Vintage are awesome. Since I left my car there for the week they worked on diagnosing the idle issue, and ended up swapping entire DME’s until they found one that worked well. One guy was working on his E28, finishing the install of an E34 brake kit, and the other was installing big injectors on his Miata in advance of a supercharger.


They had my E28 out front, and after settling with them for the work we went to go load it up. I hopped in, it fired up right away, and drove it around the corner to the trailer. We ended up having to use some extra wood they had around to extend the ramps so the bumper didn’t hit, and once again the guys jumped in to help without even being asked.

It was pretty easy to load after that, drove it right on, and we had it strapped down in no time.

Illustration for article titled E28 story - updated with a clean picture

It was just before 8pm and we were ready to head back.

The drive was pretty uneventful. We stopped in Bastrop for BBQ (at Southside since it was easy with the trailer), then again in Katy at Buccees for gas. While we filled up the Suburban I was also able to fill the E28 with ethanol free gas, which I won’t find inside Harris county.


We got back to Fred’s house about 11:30pm, backed the trailer up to his driveway since it had a good slope to it, then removed the straps. I got in and was ready to back it off.

Turned the key and....starter noises but no ignition.

I was immediately deflated. This car had started for me every single time I drove it. Now, so close to home, it wouldn’t fire.


It was late and we were both tired, so we left the E28 on the trailer, I borrow a car from my parents (across the street), and we both went to bed.

I was seriously bummed out.

Turn the page to Sunday. My kids and wife are making me a wonderful father’s day breakfast, so I made the quick drive over to Fred’s. I started strapping it back in so we could at least drive to my house and unload it while Fred finished his breakfast.


He came out and said “Let’s try one thing..”. I got in and tried to start it while he gave the DME box a gentle tap. It fired up, stuttered, so he tapped it again, and it sprang to life.

I guess the extremely bumpy trailer ride back loosened the connection just enough to keep it from giving any signal.


My mood turned for the better immediately.

Since it was already strapped in we went ahead and trailered it to my house. Got home and again it fired up right away.



I definitely need to take a closer look at the DME, but carefully.

So my E28 is home, and now I can start on a list.

Yes, it will include some modification to the bumpers. Probably won’t buy euro ones right away due to cost, unless I find a great deal.


It needs a good wash and wax.

There is some slow leak in the power steering system, so I’ll need to track that down.


I still need to replace the trunk seal.

I need to go through and check and probably replace most fluids.

But that is a story for another day.

Illustration for article titled E28 story - updated with a clean picture

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