Its that time of year for the vidya gaems to be showcased at E3. So far of the big AAA games, here are my thoughts:

1) Star Wars Battlefront II looks good with the inclusion of single player, but EA will probably screw it up. Might pick it up

2) Anthem looks like a Destiny/Division knockoff, just meh. Gameplay was nothing special, looks nice though. More info needed

3) Destiny 2 looks like they’re expanding the story; looks like shit has hit the fan. Hopefully it’ll be what Destiny should’ve been. Probably will pick it up just to scratch the lootfest itch, unless its completelyterribad.

4) Crackdown 3 is an unknown. I really hope the fully 100% destructible environment will be realized, but the new trailer makes me doubt that compared to the 2015 gameplay


5) Metro: Exodus. Holy crap. I want it now, but will have to wait until next year.

Can’t wait to see what Bethesda has up their sleeve