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E30 Fuel Leak - Hose & Clamp?

So, Oppo - I need some advice. Over the past few years my E30 has sporadically had the same problem 4 times - fuel leak from the hose leading in to the fuel filter (right below drivers side door).

First time had the car towed to my mechanic - he started the car, no leak. Few months passed - happened again. Towed, I said replace the hoses either way. Done, good. A few months pass - AGAIN - so I asked to replace hoses and the filter itself. It’s been good for about a year...


Until this weekend. Saw a puddle of liquid as I was leaving a friends place - yup, fuel leak! Seems to be coming from under the metal clamp holding the hose in place.

So I’m thinking these clamps get tightened too hard and over time cut in to the hose, and that’s what’s causing this? Anybody else with similar experience or recommendations on specific type of hose or clamp to use? Of course these have always been rubber hoses specifically rated for fuel line use, but it’s getting ridiculous that I’ve had this happen 4 times now over the past few years.


Feels like a really simple and stupid problem, but obviously can be a huge safety hazard.

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